Trans-Scale Quantum Science Institute

Crosscutting research over trans-scale quantum science

We promote crosscutting research penetrating multi-scale hierarchical structure of quantum science including cosmology, particle physics, condensed matter physics, quantum information and mathematics.


  • Our latest research on topological antiferromagnets and their spintronics applications are featured by JST.

Introduction Video

  • #1 Topological Materials and Phantom Particles
  • #2 A Black Hole in the Palm of Your Hand
  • #3 Entanglement Dominates our World

Research area

  • Creation of the basic theory of the material universe

    By developing the forefront of quantum theory in material science, such as the understanding of spacetime structure by quantum entanglement, we create the basis of quantum technology.

  • Creation of quantum materials

    We develop materials with exceptional properties that are safeguarded by quantum effects.

  • Creation of quantum information technology

    We carry out research and development aimed at realizing quantum simulations and a wide range of other types of quantum information processing.

  • Creation of advanced quantum measurement technology

    We develop ultra-high resolution quantum response measurement technology, and we create and observe quantum limit states under extreme environments.